A Drunken Thief (GMTK Jam Entry)


My Team and I were able to successfully create an entry to Mark Brown’s GMTK 2020 Game Jam. My team made up just 4 of the over 18,000 people who participated.

The theme was “Out of Control”. My team and I decided to do a drunk thief breaking into houses and stealing objects. Due to the drunk nature of the thief, the controls cause the character to stumble all around. If you make to much noise, someone will hear and the police will come.

The game is score based, I didn’t have time to put in a score tracker but i’m still happy with it.

Check it out and help vote on it: https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020/rate/694820



[Update] The game has currently amassed 116 ratings and is currently the 62nd most rated game out of the over 5 thousand that were submitted during the game jam. I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from the community about making the game more interesting in terms of game-play and movement. If anyone has any additional criticism or thoughts I would love to hear them and can take them back to the team for implementation in the next build.

Thanks in Advance!