Feature requests

Canceling building bundle (7)
Show and edit collision shapes in 3d space within editor (3)
Input bindings with filtered dropdown lists (3)
Startup window size (8)
[ParticleFX] Access emitter/modifier parameter(s) or particleFX script? (DEF-2389) (7)
Using nested go in go file (3)
Detect end of sound (9)
Facebook Instant Games export workflow improvements (9)
Use launch screen storyboard in Defold (DEF-2995) (8)
Clickable links in Console Error messages (SOLVED) (7)
Tangent and write depth to render target ! !! (5)
Live sound manipulation (4)
Font glyph streaming (6)
Show tile index in the tilesource view (4)
Sign iOS app on Windows (DEF-2810) (18)
Constrained drawing for tilemaps (7)
New Features (11)
Should project name be different from the generated app's name? (2)
Spine clipping in GUI (1)
We want tangent and OpenGL ES 3.0 badly! (9)
iOS & tvOS Build on Windows (2)
"Alt + Up/Down" for GO draw order inside collection (6)
Support for Spine animation "Bounding Boxes" (6)
GUI templates async load (1)
Text editing and navigation hotkey enhancements (8)
Extensions and global variables (3)
Code editor feature requests (16)
Polygonal sprite meshes (5)
Set default materials (3)
Much needed sound features (5)