Feature requests

Much needed sound features (5)
Sys.toggle_profile, sys.toggle_physics_debug (3)
Defold developer certification (9)
Drag and drop for scripts adding (3)
Difficulties with release bundle (4)
HTML5: implement retry logic when preloader fails (4)
Default engine types in Defold SDK (DEF-3407) (2)
Local space and local texcoords for sprite shaders? (5)
Particle FX enabling modifiers in runtime (2)
Better diff tool / option to change diff tool (3)
System alert prompts (6)
Some suggestions for Spine in Defold (DEF-1930) (4)
A project explorer and opening projects from the menu bar (5)
Webview in landscape orientation (DEF-1973) (SOLVED) (5)
Please add option to disable premultiply alpha! (SOLVED) (8)
Launch Defold at different preset resolutions (7)
Export Menu/window (8)
Long shot - Defold team favour request (3)
API json.encode feature (6)
Possible to change color of render draw_text? (DEF-2697) (6)
Disable particlefx component (DEF-2267) (10)
Native extensions should show an error if failing during development build (7)
Screen size "presets" for dmengine (16)
Big list of small annoyances (12)
Lighting Components (6)
Simulate input (DEF-3324) (2)
Lack of tutorial using version 2 of the editor (10)
Require relative Lua file (5)
Spine get ik target position (DEF-3133) (SOLVED) (10)
Google Play Game Service (2)